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Free Digital Audit

Ever wonder why you can't seem to get the attention or social media love you need to get to your next step? Wonder no more, our free digital audit will point out how you stack up to the competition, and even gives actionable recommendations specific to your situation!

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How to Get Quality

Owning a business is tough, you put a lot of time, care, and energy into providing the best service possible. Then you hire employees that maybe have good intentions, but don't do it the way you want it done. Well here's a free course on what you need to actually solve this problem.

Do I Really Need Marketing?

Here's a quick & free exercise as to whether or not you actually need marketing. Sometimes there's another issue in your business that needs solved first.

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About Us

JE Digital

JE Digital is not just a marketing and design firm. We get in the weeds and learn the way you want to grow your business. This ultimately means: We grow businesses with less friction, more direction, and more of what makes your business well.... yours!

Founded in 2023 by Josh & Eli Kravanis. We've worked with multiple businesses to increase revenue, streamline operations, and build lasting relationships outside of day-to-day business.


What Services We Offer

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Digital Strategy

Maximize your online potential with our digital strategy services. We create tailored plans using cutting-edge technologies and platforms to help you achieve success in the digital world.

Design Services

Enhance user experiences with our design services. We focus on crafting seamless interactions and user-friendly designs to optimize engagement and satisfaction. Whether you're looking for a website, mobile app, or 3D render for a project, we have you covered.

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Content Writing

Boost your brand with our expert content writing service. We create captivating and high-quality articles, blogs, and website copy that engage your target audience and deliver results.

Marketing Strategy

Transform your business with our Marketing Strategy service. Our team develops customized plans that leverage data-driven insights and innovative techniques to drive your brand’s growth and maximize your marketing impact.

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Web Development

Expand your online presence with our Web Development services. Our experienced team designs and develops dynamic websites that captivate users, boost engagement, and fuel business growth.

Social Media

Boost your brand’s visibility and engagement with our Social Media services. Our approach harnesses the full potential of social platforms, creating captivating content and fostering meaningful interactions to drive your brand’s success in the digital realm.

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What Business Owners Say About Us

"Vision, creativity, and commitment are three words that comes to mind when thinking of JE DIGITAL. This company took in every idea I had and made it perfect I will definitely reach out again."

Dedrick O'neal

"I can't speak highly enough about JE Digital. Their tailored approach to PR has taken our brand to new heights. My phone has not stopped ringing with new business!"

Lindsay Brown


What is Your Pricing?

At JE Digital, our pricing is tailored to the unique needs of each client. We offer flexible packages based on the scope of services required, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure. We believe in delivering value and ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients, and we work closely with them to determine the most cost-effective solutions.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The timeline for seeing results from digital marketing efforts varies based on several factors such as your industry, target audience, competition, and the specific strategies implemented. While some initial improvements can be observed within a few weeks, substantial and long-term results often require a consistent and strategic approach over a few months. We focus on setting realistic expectations, implementing data-driven strategies, and continuously optimizing to deliver measurable results in the shortest possible time.

How Do You Stay Updated With The Latest Trends & Strategies?

We believe in harnessing the power of technology to drive results. In addition to attending industry conferences, we leverage cutting-edge AI programs and tools to gather insights, analyze data, and identify emerging trends. Our team collaborates with AI algorithms to uncover hidden patterns, optimize campaigns, and deliver personalized experiences. By combining the expertise of our digital marketing specialists with AI-driven technologies, we stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our strategies are informed by the most up-to-date and effective digital marketing practices.

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